A good hair day - the rarest phenomenon in a girl's life... or at least in mine. I've been quite lucky with having fast-growing and healthy hair, but man does it gets messy. Most days I look like a fluff ball or a frizzy shi tzu and you know, I've gotten used to it and try to accept it the way it is. But then, from time to time, there are these days where my hair's actually cooperative and looks the way I want it to *hand clapping*.

On days like where the hair sits and your skin looks okay, the mood can only be good and the outfit gets together like by itself. I wore this outfit while running around central London for my weekly London Strolling posts last Tuesday. 

I knew that I wanted something comfortable yet look put together - what better way is there than going for a classic black blazer? I've talked about this particular one in one of my latest outfit posts and, oh wonder, I'm still obsessed with it! This time around, I chose a light-washed mum jeans, a simple white Adidas T-Shirt, my black Chelsea boots (that I wear way too often) and my little Esprit bag that made it into my recent March Favourites post

What is your go-to outfit at the moment?




The most recent world wonder that I saw? A few days of good weather in Luxembourg, a country where it rains nearly as much (if not even just as much) as in London, the capital of rain. This made me really excited for warmer temperatures, more sunshine and longer days. So I decided to start this week off with a little throwback to my last summer holidays in Quiberon, France!

La Côte Sauvage

One of the highlights of these holidays was the little trip to the "Côte Sauvage" which literally means the wild coast. The name basically describes the place already - it's windy (as you can tell by my wild hair looks on these pictures) and the more it rains, the prettier it is. I've rarely seen such a picturesque location, so make sure to stop by if you're ever around.

The beach

The Normandie is known for being rather a "cold" summer destination - it rains a lot and the temperatures are not the warmest. Yet, if you're lucky, there are great weather days as well. So make sure to take advantage of such days to pay a visit to the multitude of impressive beaches that are all around Quiberon.

The Cliffs

We were bicycling around the town when we got into a pouring rain. On our search for the nearest shelter, we found some cliffs next to the beach and decided to sit out the storm. Instead of just waiting, we decided to use the time to take some pictures that turned out to be some of my favourites from this trip. We also watched quite some sunsets during our time there which is one of my favourite things to do in general.




Edha is a pretty new Netflix Originals series that premiered on 16th March 2018. It's the first-ever production that Netflix has ordered in Argentina, hence the series's original language is Spanish. The 44-year-old, Argentinian producer, screenplay writer and film director Daniel Burman was the first one who came up with the idea for Edha. The first season has 10 episodes that are about 40 minutes long each. Since the first season premiered not too long ago, there is no information on whether we are to expect a second season yet.


Edha is based around the homonymous fashion designer and single mother Edha, who tries to jiggle her responsibilities of taking care of her 16-year-old daughter, saving her brand from bankruptcy and finding out the truth about her mother's death. Meanwhile, a new man with mysterious past and to Edha unknown intentions appears in her life and puts her world upside-down. 


Fashion, revenge, drugs and criminality - Edha delivers all one could ever ask for. I love how the producers chose to show the different sides of the same story, as there is always more than one side to each story. In this case, the story is told by Edha, who represents the established and talented fashion designer, and by Teo, who's the stand-in for the poor suburb society that struggles to make enough money to survive. Not only is the storyline very catching, but the whole production is incredibly well-made, making it definitely a must-see.




I still remember 5-year-old me running around and calling everybody that I've talked to or played with for one day my friend. As I grew up, the childish, almost utopian world image changed and so did my understanding of the word "friendship".

People always make such a fuss about relationships and love. They fight for relationships that are already irreparably broken; they invest their everything into it; some people even are ready to give up themselves in order to make things work. Of course, this is very generalised and not applicable to every relationship (thank God!). And don't get me wrong, I feel like a relationship is something beautiful, prestigious and definitely worth fighting for. Loving and being loved by someone is probably one of the best feelings a human will ever get to know.

But there are other forms of love in everyone's life, too. One of them is friendship. If you had to class the people in your life into "friends", "colleagues" and "acquaintances", how many would you qualify as friends? Personally, I can count my friends on two hands, which is more than most people have probably. And I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Of course, friendship means something different for everybody. To me, friendship is when you are ready to put someone else's happiness and wellbeing before your own, which by the way, is my definition of a healthy relationship, too. Yet, a friendship is so much more than just that.

I'm no one to easily trust other people - I've learnt at a very young age that trusting people can make yourself vulnerable and relying too much on others can be the origin of unhappiness and serious trouble. Nonetheless, I have a hand-full of people that I would trust my life with, which is not only a lucky situation but a necessity to happiness.

Human beings aren't meant to go through life alone, hence why we are always searching for others to connect with and have around. Some people are on a constant hunt to find a special someone, while I consider a true friendship more worth than a relationship, especially at my age.

Relationships are very fragile. In a society where we are shown and taught that you have to throw away everything that doesn't work and replace it with something new and better, we start to think that it's the same for human relations. A friendship, on the other hand, can last you a lifetime.

When I first found out that I got accepted to uni and that I would move away shortly, I started to think that I would find new friends in London and that my old friends would kind of forget about me, which made me quite sad. I assumed stuff like that without having experienced anything like this before. And looking back at it now, I was not only totally wrong but also super dumb to think such things. Of course, I've lost contact with some people that I was close to during my high school years, but the core of my friends is still there. I learnt that nowadays it's easier than ever to stay in touch with the people you truly want to stay in touch with. Even if I don't talk to some people for days, weeks or even months doesn't mean I consider them to be lost and our friendship over, because whenever I see them again, it's as if we've never been out of touch. And I know that no matter what happens, those are the people I can call at impossible times and they will pick up and try their best to listen to me and help me out.

Conclusion. Have I found new friends in London? Yes, I've met some of the nicest and coolest people here and consider myself to be very lucky for that. Have I lost contact with all of my friends from home? No, I haven't lost contact with a single friend. Because honestly, if distance is really a reason to lose contact and makes you not even worth sending a text, were they really friends in the first place?



After having been home for about 10 days (which is the main reason why there was no London Strolling post last Monday), I went into central London last Tuesday and wanted to share some new (and not so new) spots that I discovered (or revisited) this week.

Rabot 1745 - The little restaurant/coffee place is located just next to the famous Borough Market. The interior in itself is already worth a visit. I think you can best describe it by talking about an industrial vibe but in a surprisingly comfortable and homely way. Besides your usual everyday coffee, Rabot 1745 offers chocolate-enhanced drinks (psst... I had the White Choc Latte - definitely worth a try!) 

Borough Market - After getting our cup of coffee, we walked over to the Borough Market. Confession-time: I've never been there before, so I was really impressed... and got super-hungry after smelling/seeing all the food. So if you're around and on the hunt for some good food, you know where to go.

London Bridge - It's probably one of the most famous areas in London, and I totally get why. If you're ever in London, you definitely have to go and have a look there. Make sure you don't run into the next tube station after seeing the homonymous bridge though - there's so much more to see there!

Daunt Book - Located at a short 5-minute-walk from the tube station Marylebone, Daunt Book is a bookshop with three separate floors. Besides the fact that the store is by far the most instagramable bookstore I've ever seen, their book range is super interesting as well, as they offer something for everybody.

Marylebone - Another area, another must-see spot. Even though we basically came to see the bookstore only in the first place, we used our time there to explore the area as well, and have a little picnic in a park.

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