After having been home for about 10 days (which is the main reason why there was no London Strolling post last Monday), I went into central London last Tuesday and wanted to share some new (and not so new) spots that I discovered (or revisited) this week.

Rabot 1745 - The little restaurant/coffee place is located just next to the famous Borough Market. The interior in itself is already worth a visit. I think you can best describe it by talking about an industrial vibe but in a surprisingly comfortable and homely way. Besides your usual everyday coffee, Rabot 1745 offers chocolate-enhanced drinks (psst... I had the White Choc Latte - definitely worth a try!) 

Borough Market - After getting our cup of coffee, we walked over to the Borough Market. Confession-time: I've never been there before, so I was really impressed... and got super-hungry after smelling/seeing all the food. So if you're around and on the hunt for some good food, you know where to go.

London Bridge - It's probably one of the most famous areas in London, and I totally get why. If you're ever in London, you definitely have to go and have a look there. Make sure you don't run into the next tube station after seeing the homonymous bridge though - there's so much more to see there!

Daunt Book - Located at a short 5-minute-walk from the tube station Marylebone, Daunt Book is a bookshop with three separate floors. Besides the fact that the store is by far the most instagramable bookstore I've ever seen, their book range is super interesting as well, as they offer something for everybody.

Marylebone - Another area, another must-see spot. Even though we basically came to see the bookstore only in the first place, we used our time there to explore the area as well, and have a little picnic in a park.



  1. Seeing your pictures makes me miss London so bad! I really wish I had been to Daunt Book, it looks just like my kind of place! *saving your post so I can check it in case I go back to London*

    Also - LOVED YOUR HAT!!!!!!



  2. Lovely photos!xxx


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